When was this company founded?

We exceeded our pre-order goal by almost 200% in March of 2017. Mass production took place and Yoga Flexers arrived at our warehouse in October. 

Training guides?

Yes!! We have been working on getting training videos up on our Youtube channel for now. We want everyone to succeed and get results with our system! Preview a couple workouts on our website and find the Youtube link here > Yoga Flexer Training Hub.

What’s the total weight?

The Yoga Flexer weighs roughly 10 pounds, including the handle weight inserts. This is perfect for high repetition training and easy portability. 

Yoga mat size?

Our custom mat is the standard 24 inches wide and 68 inches long.

What’s bundled into the Yoga Flexer system?

Fitness mat, training bar, stretching roller, (3) resistance bands and (2) handle weights! It even comes with a travel sling!

Can the fitness bar be used on its own?

Yes! You can easily remove the fitness bar from the mat by using the zipper attachment. It can be used on its own for various workouts. Remove the handles to turn it into a massage roller.

Resistance band tension?

The Yoga Flexer will come with 3 bands. (2) 5lb and (1) 10lb resistance band. The resistance listed, works best with our system. The bands are shortened by running through the roller tube, this creates more intensity for your workout. Connect all of the bands to increase the weight. The weighted handles that attach to the bands create more intensity as well. 

What are the max loads?
  • Roller max load  - 220lbs (meaning: don't stand on top of the roller if you way over 220lbs)
  • Handle max load - 50lbs
  • Handle ring max load - 200lbs
  • Zipper Max Load - 60lbs 
  • If there is an issue with your Yoga Flexer upon arrival, please send us pictures and we will review it. If there is damage from shipping or a manufacturing defect, we will send you a new one if it's within 30 days of your shipping date. All we ask is for you to ship the potentially defected Yoga Flexer back to us and we will refund your shipping fee.
  • If one of the Yoga Flexer components break while in use, we will send you a replacement piece, if it's within 90 days of your shipping date after our reviewing process.
  • All resistance bands come with a 30 day warranty upon purchase. 

Remove your Yoga Flexer from the box. Check and make sure all of the components are included. Important: Watch this video before opening your box - Yoga Flexer Instructional Video. 

Handle locking system - a rubber piece inside of the locking mechanism holds the handles in place. Release the pressure by loosening the threaded green coupler to adjust the handles or remove them. Don't pull the handles out without releasing the locking pressure. By not following this, the rubber may wear and lose its capabilities over time.

Handle caps and weights - Yoga Flexer handles come with 2 pound weight inserts. Before removing them, make sure to hold the handles upright so the weights don't accidentally drop on your feet during removal. 

Resistance Bands - You have the option to connect them (by connecting the clips together) to form one long resistance band for various workouts. Example: Boxing Workout.

Roller - Simply remove the roller by using the zipper connection. It can be used as a weighted fitness bar or massage roller. 

Important: Consult your physician before training with this device.

  • Keep resistance bands away from eyes, face or neck area
  • Keep resistance bands less than 2.5x its original length
  • Check for cuts, nicks, scratches, and cracks in bands
  • Do a safety check before using this product
  • Keep away from children
  • Clean before use if necessary
  • Ensure the handle bolts & nuts are tight
  • Anyone under the age of 18 should be supervised by an adult while using this product
  • Do not leave children unsupervised near this product
  • If unsure of proper use of equipment or want more information, contact us.